Saturday, October 28th @ 10:30 AM: Composting Workshop with Elisa Zazzera

Elisa Zazzera will be conducting a Roots & Wings hands-on compost training this Saturday, October 28th starting at 10:30 AM. We'll dive into the how to and practical aspects of managing a compost pile/bins. The training should take about 45 minutes but we'll stay longer to allow plenty of time for questions, practicing, discussion, conversation, reflections, etc.

Please try to attend if you compost with us or would like to, as we will be transitioning our compost system from a Roots & Wings-managed to a community-managed one. Everyone dropping off scraps will play an active role in cycling back precious nutrients to the earth and will gain a deeper knowledge of, and connection with, nature's cycles.

While the training will focus on managing the Roots & Wings compost bins, it will be useful to anybody interested in composting and everybody is welcome to participate.

Feel free to contact Gabriela if you have any questions.

We hope to see you on Saturday at the Kitchen Garden's compost bins!


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  1. Wow glad to see you actively participating in activites to bring a change in society, never knew a garden could have such a huge impact on a community. Hope to see more from you soon.