Monday, February 26, 2018


South Presbyterian Church Sunday, June 3 at 11:15 am 

HRP Green, a volunteer partnership of the Hudson River Presbytery, was
 selected for a Presbytery-wide Solarize campaign. Solarize Our Congregation 
provides affordable, quality solar installations to churches, congregants and
friends of congregants across 79 Presbyterian churches spread over eight
counties in New York’s Hudson Valley. The proven Solarize model employs a group discount pricing structure, a competitively selected solar installer, and community-based outreach and education to bring the benefits of solar energy to the community. 

The Solarize Our Congregation program offers:
  • Significant discount pricing. 
  • Pre-vetted, competitively chosen solar contractor (for Solarize Our Congregation, Sunrise Solar Solutions) to do the installations in our community at this discounted Solarize price. 
  • High quality solar equipment. 
  • Immediate reduction in monthly energy costs with no money out-of-pocket for those who qualify 

If you are interested in learning if your home (or commercial property) would be a good candidate for solar you can schedule a personal solar feasibility assessment at the end of the info session. Light refreshments will be provided.  And if you’d like more information but can’t attend you can find out more at (select HRP-South region) or contact This is a great way to lower your utility bills, avoid rising energy costs, and “go green” in caring for the planet.  There has never been a better time to think about solar, and we encourage you to explore this opportunity quickly as this is a time limited offer that will end in June for homeowners and October for churches and commercial properties.

“As the realities of climate change present an ever-increasing urgency to our need to act faithfully in our energy consumption, many Presbyterians are exploring ways to support, purchase and share renewable energy resources as an alternative to fossil fuel energy.” 
– PC (USA) website

“While I love the fact that each month ConEd gets significantly less money from us, what makes me feel even better is that a lot of the power we are using is not coming from Indian Point, or natural gas turbines. Rather, each morning we begin again to generate power from nothing more than the rising sun. How cool is that?”
– Donna Gresh, solar homeowner, First Presbyterian Church of Yorktown