Saturday, June 6, 2015

Arugula Harvest!

On Saturday, Iris A., Linda H., Sam, Mark and myself worked together at weeding, mulching, watering, turning the compost and planting a few more vegetables.  There was a good amount of arugula ready to be harvested which was shared among the gardeners present.  

We will once again have a number of lettuce ready to be harvested on Wednesday for the Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry along with some of our herbs.

We are planning to meet again Wednesday June 3 from 5 to 6 pm and Saturday June 6 from 10 am to noon for group gardening.   We will once again try purchasing some new baby plants such as peppers and eggplants which were very popular last year with our gardeners.

      We had a good amount of rain today which is great for most of our vegetables.  We should see how much precipitation we get the rest of the week and gardeners can use their own judgment whether plants need any further watering.

Watering Schedule

Saturday:  Group

Monday:  Marc Taiano

Tuesday:  Linda Herring

Wednesday:  Food Pantry 

Friday:  Gabriella Munoz

Thank you for those who sent suggestions on natural methods of pest control and information on upcoming gardening classes.  I will attempt to share all of this info in the coming week.  
Please feel free to stop by anytime and enjoy the garden anyway you choose.


Marc Taiano and Solange Viggiano

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  1. Me and my mother both love to grow vegetables by ourselves at our home. We had some vegetables growing in our garden, but since we moved, we haven't been really able to find some place to grow them.