Monday, May 25, 2015

preparing for Dobbs Ferry Middle School visit!

Currently at the Garden-  We had a productive day at the Kitchen Garden this Saturday.  New member Adele Falco joined the group and obtained one of the two remaining individual plots.  She was very excited to join our group and began working at her plot and the community areas.  We were soon joined by Sam, Solange, Mark P., Iris and Linda M.  Together we worked on planting new vegetables, watering, weeding, turning the compost and creating a better path between the raised beds.  Gabriela who was at the garden on Wednesday noticed some strange spots on one of our mint plants and we removed those leaves.

Next Steps at the Garden-  We are planning to meet again this Wednesday May 27 from 5  to 6 pm and Saturday May 30 from 10 am to noon for group gardening.  Besides the usual tasks we may need to apply some natural pesticides to our broccoli and cabbage plants since they are beginning to be eaten by some insects.  We will also be purchasing some new baby plants such as tomatoes, eggplants and herbs which will be used on Friday when the Dobbs Ferry Middle School ecology club comes to visit. Our watering schedule for this week remains:

Saturday:  Group

Monday:  Marc Taiano

Tuesday:  Linda Herring

Wednesday:  Food Pantry 

Friday:  Gabriella Munoz

We will be meeting the DFMS ecology club this Friday at approximately 3:30 pm.  They are interested to see the type of work we do in the garden and we are planning for them to participate in the planting of new vegetables and herbs. All are welcome to stop by and meet with these 6 to 8 graders who are part of our community and have a common interest in environmental issues.

We have approximately 5 small heads of lettuce ready to be harvested by the Food Pantry folks.   If you are with the food pantry and are reading this please pick 5 or 6 of the biggest lettuces that are located in the first raised beds nearest to the garden entrance.  There are also some nice herbs including thyme, oregano, sage, lemon balm and mint that can be harvested and brought over to the Pantry.


Marc Taiano and Solange Viggiano

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  1. This is so impressive. We also have an ecology society in my institution, but I don't think it has such a tough schedule. I hope your garden bears a ton of fruit.