Friday, April 24, 2015

notes from the garden

Currently at the Garden-  We had a good first day at the Kitchen Garden this Saturday.  We welcomed gardeners Anne Spector, Linda McCarthy and Gabriela Munoz who along with Solange Viggiano and myself worked at turning the raised beds and adding compost plus other organic nutrients to the soil.  We also did a general clean up around the garden.  Also stopping by was John Gunther who helped to till the community plots using our large broadfork.  Another new gardener Sam Bercovich stopped by to say hello and to say he will be stopping by soon. 

Dave Person came by to fix the outside fence and along with John began to place removal posts which should ease the problem of the snow build up along the fence border during the winter months.

Lenore Person and Chris Olsewski worked at clearing the Labyrinth garden of piles of dead leaves in the front area of South Church.

Next Steps at the Garden-  Solange our co-coordinator will be at the Kitchen Garden next Saturday April 18 at approximately 10 am.  All gardeners are encouraged to attend in order to continue with the general clean up.  We will also try to extend one of our ground level beds and finish turning some of the soil to be used for the community garden.   If the fence is complete we will also be able to continue to expand and complete our herb garden which currently has sage, thyme, and chives.  

We currently have 4 families/individuals who have taken an individual plot.  There are still two 8' by 4' plots available plus anyone who wants to participate in just doing community gardening is more than welcome on Saturdays.

We are planning an informational meeting on Saturday April 25 at 10 am for all gardeners and those interested in finding out more about the Kitchen Garden.  We will go over some of the Garden Rules, distribute consent forms and discuss our collective vision for the community garden.  As of right now approximately half of the space will be used for gardeners with individual plots and the other half by those who want to do group gardening where the bulk of the produce will go to the Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry.

Light snacks will be served plus we should have an opportunity to visit both our Kitchen Garden and Labyrinth Garden.


Marc Taiano and Solange Viggiano

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